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The Flying Tigers: Xcel

Xcel is an fun alternative to USAG JO (Junior Olympic) program.  In the JO program gymnasts will compete compulsory routines at Levels 3, 4 & 5, then begin optional routines from Level 6 on.  In Xcel, there are only 5 levels, however, all routines are optional making competition fun, creative and exciting!

Competitive Team Program

The Glider Gang (Pre-Team)

For those serious about getting into the competitive team program, the Glider Gang is a great transitional program for girls to develop skills and team unity.  This program is only open to those girls with an interest in applying their gymnastic's skills toward eventual competition.

The Flying Tigers:  J.O.

For those interested in taking their gymnastics skills to another level, the Junior Olympic competitive team program may be an option.  Team members are selected after undergoing training in the Glider Gang and displaying the necessary skill requirements for each competitive level.

 Airborne Aces Gymnastics participates exclusively in the USA Gymnastics

Jr. Olympic Program.

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